openGL support on jetson TX2

i have jetson tx2.
the specification says jetson tx2 supports openGL 4.6.

there is the ubuntu that comes with jetpack.
i’m using yocto build of Qt 5.12.
it has openGL 3.2ES on it.

the shaders i wrote on my desktop (that run openGL 4.5) doesn’t run on tegra since incompatibility.

can i install open GL 4.5 on tegra? (with yocto)
can i do it on the ubuntu?

converting the shaders to work on open GL ES is not suitable for my windows…

anyone did it?

We don’t try yocto on L4T. Other users may have similar experience and can share to you.

If you hit issues in running openGL4.6. Please share a test code and steps to reproduce it.

but also the Ubuntu OS supplied by NVidia as part of jetpack has openGL ES, isn’t it?
what version of openGL do we have with JetPack 3.3? for tx2

Please check release note