OpenGL+ Tesla K40c+win7 works wrong,why?

In our computer ,we develop a application based on openGL,and there is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 in our PC,and the application works very well.

Then we transfer the application to another computer which has Nvidia Tesla K40c,and the Os is win7.But it can’t work,and has an “BEX64 stackHash_1dc2” error. It is the first time for us to use Tesla card.we can’t find the cause.

Our openGL application uses SDL to create context,then uses glew to find the exts of openGL.

can someone give me some solutions? thank you .

Tesla has no support for graphics. And Tesla is more used on Linux or other non-graphic system.
Tesla is only used for computing, and it can not be used for playing games and video.