OpenGL/Vulkan fallback for older computer (e.g. NVidia MX450 laptop)

Good morning everyone, this technology is simply impressive, congratulations.

However in our company we have a lot of laptops that don’t seem to meet the minimum requirements and I wanted to ask the following things (that I couldn’t understand) :

  • Is the NVidia MX450 card (very popular in laptops today) capable of running Create or View for hyper-simple scenes?

  • Is it possible to have a fallback (OpenGL/Vulkan) if a RTX card is not detected ?

  • Is it possible to set up a Server (render server) so that it has powerful cards and the laptops use it to render frames (streaming)?


A. Delle.

Hello @easyarchitect! Thanks for your questions! Currently, Omniverse only supports RTX cards because our RTX cards have the tensor cores required for rendering ray traced graphics. I know that we are looking into ways to support older GPUs, but I don’t have much information on that. You can check out our documentation for Omniverse Farm. I think this may help answer some of your questions!