Opening Nvidia Control Panel causes dual gpu dual cpu machine to hang

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a dual sandy bridge xeon motherboard with a titan V and a 980 GTX. I’m running deep learning on the titan V and that card is hooked up to CPU1, CPU0 is the boot cpu and has the 980 GTX which I’m using for display. Running latest windows 10, latest nvidia drivers, latest cuda etc.

When I open Nvidia Control Panel, the whole computer ‘almost’ completely freezes. I can move my mouse every few seconds, but that is it, most of the time the mouse cursor is not displayed. Anyone have a similar experience?


Ok, it has been awhile since I made the post above but no response. Is there anybody out there using 2 GPUs on a 2 CPU machine, 1 GPU connected to each CPU, that has no problem running Nvidia Control Panel?

Trying to figure out where the problem is, Titan V, Nvidia drivers, Windows 10, I need to know what works!


Hi Joseph (just an idea): an issue that cropped up on dual Xeons (way back, Windows 7) had to do with the Windows 7 registry storing a history of all the GPUs that had been installed.

Sadly, once this registry archive passed about 8 (?) devices, odd things began to happen (e.g. the CUDA driver not finding correct device). Problem was easily fixed by clearing the old registry entries (or reinstalling Windows), and (surely?) this glitch will have been fixed for Windows 10.

Nevertheless, if you’ve switched GPUs many times, maybe some settings have not updated cleanly for the new Titan V?

good luck - Nigel