OpenMP and MPI

Is there some book or paper that discusses OpenMP and MPI for us newbies. I am not sure how to use it on my program which is basically legacy c code. Recommend a book(s) or paper(s), please.

THX 1138

Hi THX 1138,

For OpenMP, I’d recommend starting at the OpenMP resources page They have several tutorials and book suggestions.

For MPI, there is a lot of material on the web. Doing a web search for “MPI Tutorials” will yield several results. Personally, I use “MPI - The Complete Reference” but this is just a reference book not a “how to programming using MPI”.

  • Mat

Best way to learn MPI for a newbie is to download MPI and examine and run the pi.c program in the examples directory. You will learn how to set up the mpi ring (lam or mpich or openmp – all slightly different), how to test the ring, how to destroy it, and of course, how to run your program on “n” processing elements. It doesn’t cover everything but gets you started. Then jump to a reference guide from LLNL or elsewhere on using MPICH or whichever you have chosen.