OpenMP runtime functions not supported

I recently downloaded PGI 17.10 community edition compiler and installed it in Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 17.04.

When I try calling the following functions


the compiler says they are undefined. I have include <omp.h> and older runtime functions work. The features page of the community edition says it supports OpenMP 4.5 so why are these functions unrecognized? I compiled with -mp but that made no difference.

OpenMP support in 17.10 community Edition may be working in 17.10,
or it may be working in the 18.4 CE.

The llvm back end is the version that supports 4.5 OpenMP.

-Mllvm -mp

should give you that when it works.

Try it and see what happens. Add -v to either compile to see the different
libs and headers you get with -Mllvm.

Update: llvm is NOT supported in the 17.10 Community Edition.

So, I think you may need to wait for 18.4 to see OpenMP 4.5.

It is available on the linuxpower platforms now, which caused my