OpenMP support in CodeWorks for Android 1R7 (Nsight Tegra v3.5, VSE)?


Does CodeWorks for Android 1R7 provide any support for OpenMP code?

Things I’ve tried:

  • adding -fopenmp (also tried -fopenmp=libomp or -fopenmp=libgomp) to the compiler command line;
  • adding -fopenmp to the linker command line;
  • #include <omp.h> in my code.
    Still, _OPENMP macro is undefined.

Tested with default toolchain (GCC 4.9) or default Clang (5.0) provided by the embedded NDK r15c.



Hello Émeric, thank you for the report, it seems that the OpenMP support is not a feature of Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition 3.5. The OpenMP project can be built with an external build system such as ndk-build and debugged with NT VSE with help of the External Build System project type.

Thank you Mikhail for this clear answer.