OpenMPI and Free PGI (OS X Mavericks)

Hi all,

I’d like to know if anyone has succeeded in building OpenMPI 1.8.2 against Free PGI (Mac running Mavericks). I’d like to run multiple threads (4) in a MBPro

If so, could you please share which flags did you used?

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Hi Luis,

I have not tried OpenMPI 1.8.2 with PGI on OS X, but previous versions of OpenMPI have had some issues with our compilers on OS X. These issues mainly stem from the lack of upstream support of PGI on OS X by the OpenMPI developers - their build system seems to assume the use of GCC/Clang on OS X in a number of places.

Maybe this would be a good place to collect all the known issues with PGI on OS X with OpenMPI, and pass them along to the upstream OpenMPI developers to fix in future releases.

Sorry I do not have a better answer for you at the moment.

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As a workaround - could you try MPICH on OS X? We have had better luck with building that one with PGI of late.

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I try this every so often and there is one problem still that Jeff Squyers of Open MPI traced to libtool:

As libtool isn’t really under control of Open MPI or PGI, it’s a bit of an quandary. I suppose there’s a hope that Yosemite might have a newer libtool stack?


thanks Chris, Matt. Let’s try MPICH then. Any advice for this?


MPICH should build relatively cleanly with PGI. However, I normally set a few variables to be on the safe side, prior to running ./configure, e.g.:

CC=pgcc CXX=pgcpp FC=pgfortran F77=pgf77 CPP=cpp LD=ld ./configure

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Thanks again!


Not a program “pgcpp” with Free PGI on OS X?