Openni 1 + XtionPro + Jetson

Does anybody know how to work with OpenNI1 with Xtion Pro and PCL on the Jetson.
I obtain the following error:

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~/gpu-voxels$ pcl_openni_viewer
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘pcl::IOException’
what(): void pcl::OpenNIGrabber::setupDevice(const string&, const pcl::OpenNIGrabber::Mode&, const pcl::OpenNIGrabber::Mode&) in /mnt/debs/pcl/pcl-1.7-1.7.1/io/src/openni_grabber.cpp @ 342 : No devices connected.

I have changed UsbInterface on GlobalDefaults.ini but it doesn’t work as well.
Take care that with OpenNI2 compiled as specified in JetsonHacks the Xtion work pretty well.
Unfortunately, my software depends on OpenNI version 1.

Any idea?