openSuse 12.3 (64bit) and 319.17

During installation I get many

-> The installer has encountered the following error during installation: 'Cannot create symlink (null) (Bad address)'.  Continue anyway? ("no" will abort)? (Answer: Yes)


WARNING: The symbolic link '(null)' does not exist.  This is necessary for correct operation of the NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver for Linux-x86_64.  You can create this symbolic link manually by executing `ln -sf (null)`.
ERROR: Unable to get file properties for '(null)' (Bad address).

Seems to work anyway.

This driver is in the Nvidia Yast repo have you tried installing it from there?

No. My bug report is about the driver downloaded from nvidia.
I have to press the Enter key pretty long, to come over all those error messages.