OpenVR's interop interface is not yet supported?

I’ve successfully used NSight 5.3 for frame analysis in Unity-based VR projects. However, running latest I am hitting a new error, curious if this is a new issue.

Hitting space bar during session to capture for analysis leads to:

Unable to capture frame due to API usage unsupported by NSight.
Reason: OpenVR’s interop interface is not yet supported

NSight build
GTX 1080 @ 385.28 driver
Unity 2017.1.0f3

Hi DaveCowling,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you provide more information please?

  • Which VR HMD did you use to test the sample? Vive, Oculus or others?
  • Did you install and launch steamvr when testing the sample?
  • can we have your sample please then we can identify the issue quickly?


Hi Letitia,

Apologies for the slow response.

  • This issue occurs when running with Rift, have not tested Vive
  • This issue occurs when the Unity player bootstraps OpenVR (i.e. when Unity is set to prioritize OpenVR over Oculus as the device initialization SDK to use in the Unity player settings. Capturing with Oculus set as the active SDK appears to work fine)
  • This is a application in active development, I don’t have a small sample to share. If this is a blocker to investigation I can try to knock up a demo that duplicates the behavior, or we can possibly share privately the full experience



Hi Dave,

I’ve tried unity VR sample with Oculus, but didn’t encounter the issue.
Can you please share the demo that duplicates the behavior?