Operation of x4 PCIe interface on Jetson-NX

Some questions about Jetson-NX x4 PCIe port:-

  1. Is it possible to operate the Jetson-NX x4 PCIeport as 4 separate x1 ports?
    (additional PCIe Clocks would be generated separately using a clock buffer chip)
  2. In the default x4 state, would it a work with x2 PCIe plug-in card?
    (Assuming the x2 card sits on Lane0 and Lane1; lanes2 and 3 unused)

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  1. Nope. It is not possible as all the lanes can only be owned by a single controller
  2. Yes. it works in x2 mode.

Many thanks.

You can use PCIe Switches to get 4 separate PCIe busses out of a single one. Just have a look at: