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I’m using Jetpack 5.0.2/ L4T R 35.1 and I’m building OPTEE (OS, Client, Samples and Test) from sources Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/nvidia-jetson-optee-source.tbz2

I’m using GCC version 12.2.0 . When running the xtest (OPTEE test suite), I noticed the CPU hangs for a moment then system reboot

Kindly see the logs below:

��[  368.162281] rcu: INFO: rcu_preempt detected stalls on CPUs/tasks:
[  368.162499] rcu:     0-...0: (2 GPs behind) idle=78e/1/0x4000000000000000 softirq=1712/1713 fqs=2626 
[  368.162791]  (detected by 3, t=5252 jiffies, g=1997, q=22)
[  368.162968] Task dump for CPU 0:
[  368.163076] task:xtest           state:R  running task     stack:    0 pid:  754 ppid:   741 flags:0x00000202
[  368.163381] Call trace:
[  368.163475]  __switch_to+0xc8/0x120
[  368.163602]  __alloc_pages_nodemask+0x140/0xe40
[  368.163770]  pool_op_alloc+0x44/0x180
[  368.163887]  0xffff24b3462c6000
[  368.163980]  0x1bc5d5a502009ead

Any idea about the cause of the CPU hanging ?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Need take time to check it.
Will update it once get response.


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Hey @ShaneCCC

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated

Please take your time and let me know if you need additional information.

Hello @ShaneCCC

Any updates about this issue ?


Sorry, we are investigating it.

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The updated toolchain has been posted in Jetson downloads page, please help to get it a try. Thanks

Could you please share the link ? if I’m not mistaken, it is still Bootlin Toolchain gcc 9.3. It is not updated FYI.

As I mentioned in this topic help is needed for toolchain which is using gcc-12.x.y and bintutils 2.39

Did you apply any patches to the OPTEE sources ? if so, please share the pachtes and I can try them

Thanks for you help

The package is updated. Please go to the same link to download it:

Hello @DaneLLL @kayccc @ShaneCCC

I think that you didn’t understand my request here.

I tried the toolchain you provide and it works fine. My issue is related to new toolchain and this is a blocker for us (OE4T community) to moving forward.

My PR is still pending because of the issue I shared with you in this topic.

Could you please try with this toolchain ?

Any help from your side would much appreciated


Are you able to use the toolchain we provide? It is the version we use and would suggest forum users use the same version.

Hello @DaneLLL

I was able to try the toolchain you provide and it works fine.

FYI, we have fixed the issue in our meta-tegra layer. Many thanks to @madisox

Please close this topic.


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