Optical Flow on the Jetson Nano

I would like to use optical flow on my Jetson Nano, fed with an image stream from a 1280x720 camera.

It appears that the Jetson Nano has been neglected from the Optical Flow SDK since it is old Maxwell architecture.

There is a CUDA HSOpticalFlow demo but this runs really slowly. I measured 2.2 seconds to process a 1280x720 frame (2 frames really because it’s optical flow). The sample 640x480 images take 880ms to process.

There is also a VisionWorks object tracker demo that works well (uses a faster OF method) but VisionWorks is deprecated so I’d like to avoid that.

What is the best way to get optical flow accelerated by hardware to work?



We do have a new hardware for optical flow called OFA.
But OFA is only available on the Orin series.


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