opticalflow doesn't support for old driver?

When I was use dali to extract opticalflow, it throw an error:

RuntimeError: Critical error in pipeline: Failed to load TuringOF library: libnvidia-opticalflow.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Current pipeline object is no longer valid.

My GPU is 1080Ti ,cuda version is 9.0 and driver version is 390.48.



418.30 is the first Linux driver to include optical flow support.
Also, note that optical flow is supported on Turing and above GPUs only.

Please refer to Optical Flow SDK for requirements.

Latest available Optical Flow SDK version is 1.1


Is there any plan to support GPUs that are not Turing architecture with Optical Flow SDK ? We need to calculate optical flow in many cases, however there are many GTX 1080Ti in our lab. I think many people Faced with the same problem.
It will be scarcely possible for us to exchange the new Turing GPUs in bulks.

To clarify my earlier comment, hardware support to generate optical flow vectors is available in Turing and onward GPUs only. It is not possible to support Optical Flow SDK on the older GPUs.