Optimal configuration of Optimus laptop


I’ve got a 960M running on Arch Linux.

Currently I use bumblebee to launch all my games, however I do not feel like this is an optimal solution as

  • Bumblebee is ubale to launch Vulkan games
  • Bumblebee hasn't been updated in years
  • I've heard that there is a performance penalty for using bumblebee
  • So far the only alternative I’ve found has been nvidia-xrun, which I use on a free tty to launchy a new x server, so everything runs on the dGPU.(I think this uses the PRIME sync feature which is stickied)

    I really dislike this as this doesn’t integrate well with the GNOME DE. (A more optimal solution would be for instance to get a menu option in GDM for running the x server on dGPU).

    Any suggestions on how to optimise the setup?

    Thank you,

    Not really. You can only decide to always run PRIME or switch on reboot. Having a way to choose between intel or prime xserver in GDM is a nice idea but requires patching GDM.