Optimizing gst-launch pipeline


I am trying to optimize the following pipeline using my GPU capabilities (RTX2080)

Current pipeline is:

gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video2 ! image/jpeg,width=1920,height=1080,framerate=30/1 ! jpegdec ! videoconvert ! x264enc tune=zerolatency ! video/x-h264, profile=baseline ! mpegtsmux ! srtsink uri=“srt://ant-media-server.cloud.vtti.vt.edu:4200?streamid=WebRTCAppEE/gst_test1”

My camera provides dual stream so I am using currently the MJPG output but wondering how I can integrate a h264 output from the camera into the above pipeline.

also, any tips on integrating audio on that pipeline as well?