Optimizing simulation fps when using cameras

Hello, I’ve been working on this issue for some time and was still unable to find a good solution. My simulation has two cameras (depth and rgb) which are published to ROS2 topics, and if I disable them, simulation fps is around 120-150. However, with these cameras it drops to 40-60. I managed to reduce publish rate with Camera’s frameSkipCount parameter in Isaac Sim 4.0.0, but it didn’t change the situation. I also tried using Isaac Simulation Gate node and following this example for periodic camera publishing, but those didn’t even reduce publishing rate. My guess is that cameras’ views are still rendered at each step, so is there any way to change this? Also is it a possible/good solution to use Python API to fetch the video frames and publish them from a separate thread? I would be thankful for any advice if someone has done it before.