Optimus Fedora25 (Xorg 1.19 NVidia 370.20)

I have a Lenovo P50 with the hybrid intel/quadro.

It seems to work if I disable hybrid and force discrete graphics. It doesn’t use xwayland, it uses xserver. If I boot with hybrid graphics on, the system is unusable and flashes the screen.

I’m going to upgrade to the newly-released version, but it doesn’t look like that is going to change anything.

Should I change to KDE?

With Gnome3 and Xserver instead of wayland, I’m already seeing a 600% increase in performance over Xorg 1.19 and nouveau.

Two notes:
When installing, it complained about libEGL.so existing. I deleted it and reinstalled, and it complained again. It looks like it puts the file there, then complains about it.

When closing the laptop lid, it no longer goes to sleep. I have to make it sleep with the menu selection. It also doesn’t disable the laptop display when I close the lid. I have to manually change the display settings every time.

External displays do work though, and the 2d video performance is great at 4k.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (190 KB)

If you previously ran F24, were any of these issues there? If not, I think it might just be due to the Wayland integration. NVIDIA doesn’t have true support with the open source compositor yet, so there’s most likely interference running here. I do believe that there is an option to completely disable Wayland and have X-Org be the default compositor before installing NVIDIA’s driver, but I don’t know where. I’m not one to upgrade to the latest release the day it’s out. For Fedora, I like to stay 1 gen behind for stability’s sake.

In regards to the KDE question, know that F25 rawhide uses 5.8, and F24/23 both use 5.7.5. None of these have ‘actual’ support for Wayland (or KWayland). That will be in 5.9+. The official stable release for all will be upgraded to 5.8.4 in the next few days. (It’s amazing what you can find out by sitting in on the fedora-kde and fedora-meeting IRC chats).

The mistake is mentioned in the thread title: Xorg 1.19 NVidia 370.20
for xorg 1.19 you need nvidia driver 375.20

Edit: if it’s a typo, run nvidia-bugreport.sh and attach to your post.
For newer gnome and optimus, see this: [url]https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=768204[/url]

Yes, I typed the driver version wrong. I will post that when I get home tonight.

As a sidenote, F25 shipped with 1.19RC2 which may be problematic. An update to 1.19.0-final is out, so update first.

I am using the final. I am already updated.

I added the attachment above. This is from the system booted on Xserver instead of Xwayland (I think)

If I boot with hybrid enabled, I can’t run the command because the system is unusable. I tried to drop to a command prompt, but the screen flashes and I can’t seem to type my password correctly.
nvidia-bug-report.log.2.gz (152 KB)

I have attached a nvidia-bug-report.log.2.gz which is me running the command while the screen is flashing as I described above. This happens when I boot with hybrid graphics enabled in the bios.