Optimus wrong message: "Your display image quality can be improved"

On Windows 10, I am getting message “Your display image quality can be improved”, “Your display is designed to run optimally at a resolution of 1920x1080. etc.” while it is not true. My Optimus system is running on 4K resolution, because I have 4K screen connected to Intel display output. Additionally, I often attach FullHD display projector to my laptop that is connected directly to my Quadro card display output. And now comes the problem: the Quadro only sees FullHD projector while not seeing 4K screen, so it complaints about non-optimal resolution. I guess, there is missing check for running in Optimus mode when the driver shall consider the resolution of the screen connected to Intel as well. This shall be done before showing that annoying message, that is actually very valuable in the right circumstances.

Laptop name: Dell Precision 7750, Quadro RTX 3000. For the moment I will disable all nvidia driver notification to avoid this message, but proper fix would be nice.