Option "Coolbits" is not used | Optimus-enabled laptop running an RTX 2070 | Manjaro Linux

Any news about that bug request?

I tried to apply the same workaround posted earlier (by whitequark) for the driver version 455.45 and it’s been working well for me.

Original 455.45 driver sha1sum: 8a6d257829fab0266508df64b776a066763e04d4

Then follow the same instructions as the original post, except changing the offsets:

  • at offset 47F20, replace 6 bytes with B801000000C3,
  • at offset 47FFB, replace 2 bytes with 9090,
  • at offset 48036, replace 10 bytes with B8010000004883C408C3,
  • at offset 4CF08, replace 1 byte with EB.

Patched driver sha1sum: dd6000cd0ac41019bbe322a1fc0ce18331b4fa43

The drivers version 460 and higher have different assembly and I’m not confident in trying to patch those. I was hoping the changes in those versions had the purpose of fixing this bug and verify before upgrading.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. I did not do my best to verify if further changes were needed compared to the earlier instructions - which also warns to patch the driver at your own risk.

Hello @aplattner! Any news about the bug request 3188001?
Or do we still need to buy expensive hardware just to need to manually debug and patch the binary driver before using it?

Fix should be available in future driver release, I will update once respective driver is released publicly.


Hello @aplattner! Any news about the bug request 3188001?
I imagine it was not possible for the 470 series, maybe 475 then?

Hi @pedro.nariyoshi, while it is still not possible to set Coolbits on GPU Screens on 470, the fan control is possible with 470+ even without Coolbits. From https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/linux-solaris-and-freebsd-driver-470-42-01-beta/181536:

Updated GPU fan control to be available by default in nvidia-settings and NV-CONTROL, for GPU boards that support programmable fan control. Previously, this was only available when bit 2 was set in the “Coolbits” X config option.

Too bad my machine has a single fan, so it doesn’t really help me, but at least it is a step in the right direction. (;

Hello @aplattner! Any news about the bug request 3188001?
I imagine GBM took most of the effort on this driver series. Could we expect the coolbits fix for the next one?