Option to enable ForceFullCompositionPipeline by default

It looks like that ‘solution of choice’ for tearing is to enable ‘ForceFullCompositionPipeline’.

But it is a per screen setting that is not enabled by default. The problem is that when screen configuration changes this setting gets ‘forgotten’ and needs to be manually set again.

Would NVIDIA developers be so kind and add a way to specify that ‘ForceFullCompositionPipeline’ should be enabled by default on all screens? It seems like it should be possible to an option for xorg.conf to enable this setting on all screens.

It’s actually a per-display MetaMode attribute. But yes, we’ll add a screen-wide option since this seems to be a common request.

This is probably the most important feature I am missing since switching from AMD to nvidia. I’m glad you consider adding it in the future.