Options To Extend Memory of Production Jetson Nano Module


After being an enthusiastic user of Nano Module, I tried multiple applications in domain of Computer Vision on Development Kit.

The problem I am facing is with Nano Production Module. 16GB EMMC memory is not enough for our applications to run and we want to extend memory either with Memory Card Slot (Not Available in Production Module) or with some other way.

What are the best ways to extend the memory?
Or if we go ahead with devkit only then till when support of devkit module will be available? When will it get discontinue?


Devkit module is for devkit only. You can design a carrier board with SD card slot to extend storage.

Thanks for quick reply.
I want to know if there is any timeline till when devkit is available in market if we want to use it directly in our products?

No such timeline at present. And devkit is only for development too, can’t be used for product.