Options to use m.2 M key device through A/E key slot

I am using the Jetson Orin Dev Kit.
I am going to use two m.2 M key devices by installing a module that converts to M key in the m.2 A/E key slot.
It works well on PC but doesn’t work when installed on the orin.
The conversion module and m.2 M key device confirmed no problem.
Is using m.2 M key device through A/E key slot in the Jetson Orin Dev Kit impossible?
If it’s impossible, I’d like to know why.

Hi, we have no suggestion on this kind of convert use case. Maybe you can start from checking the Orin devkit carrier board spec and Design Guide in DLC for the on board slot pin mapping, so as to compare with your converted pin mapping to check if any issue between.

Thank you for your answer.
Problem solved. It seems like it was my mistake.
I’ve confirmed that it works well on other Orin.

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