OptiX 3.0.1 Released

OptiX 3.0.1 is now publicly available

Download it now here: https://developer.nvidia.com/optix

FYI, 3.0.1 was a bug fix release. We fixed a lot of different bugs, and also optimized a few things. Here’s the list:

• Optimized all kernel launch times by approximately two ms.
• Optimizations for certain recompilation cases.
• Fixed ocean and collision samples to help them compile in the released SDK.
• Fixed liboptix’s Mac rpath to pick up the cudart lib which is installed alongside liboptix because cudart is not binary compatible between versions.
• Constrained exported symbols on Mac and Linux to just the OptiX API calls. Relinking might be necessary.
• Fixed bugs with changing the set of devices being used and changing between GPUs of different compute capabilities.
• Fixed bug with propagating global/const initializers when inlining.
• Fixed out of memory errors with paging.
• Fixed bug with material indices being clear to zero when using the clustered triangles primiticve.
• Mark Acceleration dirty when rtAccelerationSetData fails.

Woooo, exciting :) Will be straight on trying this one out. The two ms launch fix sounds a wondrous thing to hear improved.