Optix 3.9.1 32 bit DLL

I Know that the last Optix DLL 32 bit released is the 3.8.0 (unofficial)

I Know that I must upgrade my SW from 32 bit to 64 bit

I’ve tried but the porting is too complex and/or I don’t posses the source code of some 32 bit DLL that I use.

So I think that I will stick to Optix 3.8.0 for a long time…

But I’ll give it a try…

Please, can you release (or send me) an unofficial 32 bit version of “optix.1.dll” (version 3.9.1)


…of course, no guarantee !!

Thank tou

Sorry but we have completely phased out 32-bit, and therefore cannot provide 32-bit builds of newer OptiX versions. I believe there are ways to use 32-bit DLLs in 64-bit processes however – that might help if you’re stuck with legacy DLLs.