OptiX 4.0 Beta and DirectX interop


The release notes say that I should contact you for testing with DirectX, well, where can I get it? :)

In one of my projects I use D3D11 so I like to test with interop for at least D3D11 if that’s possible.

Thanks in advance for any reaction/response,


Hi Cornelis,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you please tell us a bit about your application and use case? We can advise you from there. If you prefer, you may reply at optix-help@nvidia.com if your work is confidential.


Hi Austin,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I’ve just started with a 3D viewer using OptiX. I have chosen OptiX this time because of the ‘easy’ way to implement obvious things like shadow and reflection. I have seen and read the code of sample6 and thought by myself ‘this is real cool’, so I’ve coded a viewer by myself. I’ve coded many 3D viewers in many different languages, long story :)

As the viewer is completely Win32 based I like to continue using D3D11 interop for now. And most of all I’m curious about the speed improvements of OptiX 4.0.

I have set up the code so that the GUI is completely separated from the OptiX code so that in fact I can easily use GL interop but rather stick with D3D11.

Thanks again for your reply,