Optix 7.6 download missing

Hi, I noticed that Optix 7.6 is no longer available for download, only 7.7 and 7.5 and older. Is this intended?

We updated to Optix 7.7, but ran into the issue that there is no suitable driver for some GPUs (e.g. Tesla V100). So we are thinking about going back to 7.6 for now. Can you tell me the required driver version for Optix 7.6? Also, will there be a 530+ driver for the Tesla V100 in the near future?


Right, sorry, that the OptiX 7.6.0 download buttons are missing from the older versions’ page is unintentional and is going to be updated.

The direct download link actually still works. If you’re logged-in to the NVIDIA developer site, go to the OptiX Legacy Download page with the older versions, then right-click on the OptiX 7.5.0 Windows or Linux download button, copy-paste that link into your browser’s address bar, then change 7.5.0 to 7.6.0, and it’ll download the package you’re looking for.

I have OptiX 7.6.0 running on a system with 526.67 drivers, so that means the current drivers from the R525 branch should work. OptiX 7.5.0 needed R515 drivers.

The drivers for data center products are on a different release cadence than normal desktop drivers. The upcoming R535 drivers should support that. I don’t know when exactly that’ll be released, but probably in June. Keep checking the driver download site.

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