OptiX 7 (denoising) questions


First of all congratulations for the new release, it’s great to see all these improvements.

There are a few (denoiser-related) questions I’d like to ask:

  1. In Optix6 ‘maxmem’ could be used to limit the device memory usage. Is there a way to achieve the same thing in optix7?
  2. I’m not really sure about what ‘overlapWindowSizeInPixels’ represents (OptixDenoiserSizes), is there any information on that?
  3. Same thing for hdrIntensity, if someone needs to compute this manually, what exactly should this value correspond to for an image?

Finally, is the current release (win64_26890979) the final 7.0.0 release for Windows? If not, is there another one imminent?

Hi @efounariotakis,

The pre-release SDK doesn’t yet have the necessary API to achieve the maxmem control that we had in OptiX 6, it is coming soon in an official release. It’s not completely done so I don’t know exactly when, but it’s in progress now. The API will soon allow you to control your own tiling, specify the overlap, offsets, strides, etc., and so control your maximum memory usage explicitly. We’ll have information and examples in the documentation for the release.

Hopefully that answers the first two and the last question together. As for hdrIntensity, the release is going to have documentation about how to calculate intensity manually. For the moment, we only have the optixDenoiserComputeIntensity() function… does that suffice for the interim?


Sure, thanks for your help!