OptiX 7 header licensing

I would love to implement on demand texturing in a renderer. While the OptiX 7 SDK includes sample code for that, I noticed that some of its code is not under a license that allows redistribution. Namely, optixPaging.h, optixPaging.cu and optixPaging.cpp are not under the same liberal license as the rest of the code sample.

Is that intentional? Would I need to seek written permission if I wanted to include that source code in a renderer?


This isn’t intentional, just oversight. We are fixing the licenses in the upcoming public release, which happens in a week or two. In the meantime, feel free to incorporate that code under the same terms as the SDK license. Thanks for asking and letting us know!


Thank you. I noticed that the OptiX sek headers themselves also have a mix of licenses. If ycu could take a look at those and make sure they’re all as intended, that would be very welcome.

I think it’s intentional for most of the OptiX SDK headers to have a more restrictive copyright than the sample code. I believe the SDK itself is not redistributable.

I took a quick look, and other than the optixPaging headers the copyrights look correct.

Well, what’s confusing to me is that optix_stubs.h is under the liberal
License that allows redistribution, where the file optix_function_table.h, which optix_stubs.h depends on, is under the restrictive license.