OptiX 7, what does OPTIX_VERTEX_FORMAT_FLOAT2 mean?

I notice the vertexFormat of OptixBuildInputTriangleArray (when building GAS) can be set to OPTIX_VERTEX_FORMAT_FLOAT2. Whether this means the acceleration structure(AS) supports 2D triangles or the AS still keeps 3D triangles and leaves the third value of vertex as zero?

I cannot find any references on the documentation or Google, and it seems that there is no similar setting in OptiX 6.

Hi @yetsun,

The output will be a flat 3D mesh. Note you can provide a “preTransform” to your OptixBuildInputTriangleArray, which can be used to orient your flat mesh. The third value will be zero if you don’t provide a transform or use (for example) an identity transform.