Optix Advanced Samples (Glass, etc.) Noisy when Rotating?

Hi, sorry if this has been addressed - simple searching didn’t uncover.

I’m new to Optix, and just built the ‘advanced optix samples’ on GitHub.

When I run any of them on my PC (Win10, i7-8700K, GTX1060), the scene gets ‘noisy’ (like a digital photograph with super high ISO) when I rotate it. After rotating, it takes 2-3 seconds for the noise to slowly disappear.

Is this expected behavior with Optix? Is it due to my GPU being only ‘acceptable’ rather than ‘top of the line’?

Or is this something I shouldn’t be seeing? How can I mitigate it?

If this is not expected behavior, I can try to record a video of it and post it here.


That is the high frequency noise from a Monte Carlo path tracer and completely normal.
It’s not related to OptiX but the global illumination light transport algorithm implemented in those examples.

If you work through the individual OptiX Introduction examples there, you’ll see how that is done step by step. The first three examples in there don’t do Monte Carlo path tracing.

Thanks - I’ll be working through the samples very soon. I assumed it was normal and conceptually makes sense why it is there. But it also seemed to be ‘unspoken’ - at least in my google searches. And I don’t mind asking ‘dumb’ questions. :)

Thanks again.