Optix and Tegra 5

Hi all,
Its rumored that Tegra 5 will support CUDA.
What about Optix and tegra 5?
put simply : will optix demos run on tegra 5 device , out of the box? i.e without porting needded

Tegra devices use the ARM architecture and our publicly available OptiX SDK runs on x86 systems only. I can’t comment on when OptiX will have a public ARM version, but we did demonstrate an OptiX application running on ARM at the GTC 2013 keynote. Once the OptiX library was built the SDK samples simply required recompiling. No additional porting work was needed for the code used by the demo.

That sounds good. I’m interested in using OptiX on ARM devices, too. So if there are no major obstacles for porting OptiX many people would be really happy to get it in the near future!