OptiX call failed with code 7900


I am now doing a project about lens design optimization. In each iteration during the optimization, I use OptiX7 to do the ray tracing and compute mean-square error. But there is a problem. Every time after hundreds of OptiX ray tracing calls, the OptiX call will fail with code 7900. It usually happens after about 5-10mins running. I have tried to solve this problem but have no idea yet. I will appreciate it if someone can help solve this. Thanks!


My ray tracing framework is modified from the OptiX7 siggraph course by Ingo Wald. (with OptiX7.1 SDK)

Error 7900 is the generic OPTIX_ERROR_CUDA_ERROR.
There is no way to tell what is going wrong with the given information.
That could be anything including software or hardware issues in your system.

Does the same happen when running any of the other OptiX 7 examples in that course’s framework?

You could try changing the display drivers up or down from whatever version you’re using.

(Note that it’s possible to copy text from the console window into the clipboard by marking the text with a left mouse button drag and the RETURN key. Posting text will be easier to read than screenshots.)

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It does not happen when running other OptiX7 examples. I will try to change the display drivers to see whether it works.

Thanks for your suggestions. And sorry for the screenshot, I will copy text from the console next time.