Optix Denoiser for Real-time Denoising


I want to add the Optix denoiser to my Vulkan project but I wonder how well the denoiser is suited for real-time denoising.

The easiest way to find out is to run the optixDenoiser sample in our SDK on your own GPU. You can zoom out until the screen is mostly blank in order to isolate the denoiser from the path tracing.

Here are the most recently published denoiser perf numbers, just to give you an idea. If you are using an RTX or Quadro Volta GPU and rendering 1080p or less, real-time is definitely possible depending on how much extra compute budget you have every frame, and what your target framerate is.


Note the timings scale approximately linearly with the number of pixels, so there may be some minor overhead, but I you could expect (for example) 800x600 on a GV100 to run in close to 5ms (200 fps). We just verified this with a Titan V.