OptiX for Radiation Transfer?

Hello developers,
I have been working on optiX from few weeks, thank you all for your support and guidance, now I can make different geometries and everything.
My question is how can we use optiX for Radiation transfer? Is there any research article or something?
because in Optix we only have an R G B image, How can we use it for radiation transfer?

OptiX is a general purpose ray casting SDK, not a renderer.
The per-ray payload and the output are completely user definable in OptiX.

You don’t need to use RGB if that doesn’t fit your desired result. You could trace rays and output any kind of information you need (in the limits of available memory).

You can find various use cases for OptiX, including yours, if you look through the GTC presentations here:
Enter OptiX in the “Search Sessions” field and press “Go”.

Thank you for your response, it helps me alot

Sorry I’m so late to see this thread.

Using OptiX for radiation transfer has been my research topic for a few years now.

If you would like more details, let me know! We have a few talks/papers on the subject, and one currently in review.