optix::TextureSampler::getId() cause compilation

Hi, I am trying new OptiX 3.7 final release and I found, that compilation occurs every time when I call optix::TextureSampler::getId() function before launch. Previous beta and older releases works fine.

I’ve had (maybe) the same problem.

I was getting an unspecified error on launching OptiX, which was fixed by commenting a line of code which was calling optix::TextureSampler::getId() and initialising an int with it. Nothing was done with the int value, it was just for me to look at in the debugger.

Also with OptiX 3.7. It’s new code so untested on earlier OptiX versions.

This is fixed in OptiX 3.8 final. Give it a try.

It seems that all works fine now, also problem with buffer id seems to be fixed.