Optix: how to use sutil in my project

Hello guys, I am a new man in optix. And I am using Optix6.5, because Optix7+ is too complex for me. I noticed that sdk samples used a tool named sutil, which is really kind for me. But it seems I can only use this tool for a new project which located in the same directory with sdk samples. How can I use sutil in my own project. Thanks!

Please do not use the ten year old OptiX API for new developments. You should really try learning the OptiX 7 API instead because that API is more modern, explicit and always faster.

The sutil library is only there to make the OptiX SDK examples source code smaller.
I would not recommend using it in own applications which aren’t just experiments inside the OptiX SDK example framework.

Please read these threads about sutil which explain that the OptiX SDK examples are using hardcoded paths to their local folders and how to avoid that and why it’s unnecessary in own application frameworks:

Links to OptiX 7 example repositories which are not using the sutil library can be found here:

I really appreciate your suggestion. I use optix6.5 only for learning the optix system(the document of 7+ seems not kind to me). And I will change to optix7 now. Thank you

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