OptiX-like API for the web

Hey. I was wondering, now that WebGPU is a reality, are there plans to bring an OptiX-like API able to do RTX in the realm of the Web?

(That’s it, actually. Sorry for the brevity of the message :D )

Hi @izhido,

I would expect something like that to happen eventually. That will require cooperation on the design and standards from multiple organizations. I expect there’s interest, but I don’t know if something like that has been started or is in progress. I might expect to hear something first from the Vulkan ray tracing team, or maybe directly from Khronos or the W3C.

There is a project from Athens University to build a prototype web ray tracing API called Web Rays built on WebGL and WebAssembly, and they’ve used it to build a ShaderToy-like site called Rayground.