Optix Particles

When I try to run the optixParticles project it only returns a blue frame, why is that happening?

This was a bug in the sample in OptiX 5.0.x. It will be fixed in 5.1.

With a little effort you can get the basic functionality working in a local build by changing the setParticlesBaseName() function in optixParticles.cpp. Try setting found_sequence=false and commenting out the first block of code that’s looking for a sequence of files.

It worked, I just moved to particles data folder to a path with . in it. Example: “C:/Users/Caio/particles”.


Yeah, that works too. So you see the bug, then.

My code comment was for a slightly different version, but the gist of it is you can load a static file, even with a “.” in the path, by skipping the code in setParticlesBaseName() that looks for dots and sets up sequences. Or you can fix the bug by reverse-searching for dots instead of forward searching.