OptiX with Jetpack for Jetson Devices

To the Jetson team,

Given the recent support for ARM devices with OptiX 7.3.0, recently I have been looking at developing OptiX applications for the Jetson AGX Xavier and have been talking with the OptiX team, along with another user @alyssarobertson0816 at OptiX 7.3 on Jetson AGX Xavier - #5 by william.talbot.

I would like to indicate my interest for Jetpack/L4T to ship with OptiX >= 7.3.0. In the meantime, I will be trying to get OptiX running on a Xavier through a manually installed driver as discussed in the attached post.

I work in the robotics field, with my particular use cases for OptiX including onboard + offboard sensor simulation, physics simulation and rapid path planning.

Warm regards,
William Talbot

Yes, it’s not supported by JetPack/L4T for Jetson devices yet, I will forward this request to internal team to review if have chance to include it at future release.

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