(optix7.4) OptiX-Samples optixOpticalFlow

The results of optixOpticalFlow is different from the picture which under folder of “OptiX SDK 7.4.0\SDK\optixDenoiser\motiondata”. For example:
It seems that optixOpticalFlow method cannot be used to calculate flow data for temporal denoising.

Hi @yuezl_2012, welcome!

Thank you for the bug report, I was able to reproduce this issue. This is not the intended behavior. It will be fixed ASAP and released in an upcoming driver.


Hello again @yuezl_2012,

The denoiser team further investigated the bug report I filed for this issue, and responded that they believe even though the flow image results look different than the example provided, the flow result is still valid and can be used for denoising. They are recommending to ignore what the flow image looks like, continue using the optical flow results, and check the denoised output results to determine whether optical flow is working. Will you please check your flow-based denoising results and let us know if that part is working for you?


Hi! I processed the result and saved it in .gif format.


The flow data that comes with the optixDenoiser example gives better denoise results