Optix7 integration


I am wondering if there are any plans to update the optix7 example to also support linux? If not, I’m hoping someone might be able to provide some guidance on what needs to be done to support linux building/running?


Update to this: I was able to get the example running on Ubuntu 18 by editing the cmake files to remove the condition on windows and then making sure that all of the paths to the SDKs/libraries was set correctly.

As a follow-up question: I am currently trying to integrate MDL into my own optix framework and have successfully gotten the material to compile and load into a __direct_callable__, however when I try to call the mdl_init callable, I am getting an invalid memory access. I’m using the measured_metal example material, so there’s no textures and no arg_blocks for the initialization. I have filled the Mdl_state with valid data as well, so the only thing I can think of is that the callable itself is causing the crash.

Is there any way to get more information other than just an invalid memory access? I’m struggling to debug as I can see that the __direct_callable_mdlcode0_init is being created and correctly stored as a module, but I don’t understand why the call is failing…

Hi jagj,

just sorry for the late answer and actually i cant answer the question but i will make sure someone with the detailed knowledge takes a look

Hi @jjordan ,

No worries, I was actually able to eventually figure this out. Turned out to be due to having a couple of bad pointers, one for invalid texture coordinates for the init call (unrelated to MDL) and the other was having a nullptr for the arg_block parameter in the __direct_callable_mdlcode_sample function which is apparently invalid. The arg_block one was kind of difficult to figure out because I had some trouble understanding exactly what was being stored in there (have a better understanding now). Thanks!

There is an OptiX 7 based MDL_renderer example in my OptiX 7 Advanced Examples now.
Link and explanations in this thread: https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/optix-advanced-samples-on-github/48410/11