Oracle linux 6.9 install driver happened fault : failed to build rshim1.8 RPM,how can i resolve it?

I failed when I installed the OL6.9 driver. Checking the installation log shows that rshim1.8 RPM RPM cannot be created, but I continue to check the installation log of rshim1.8 RPM, and there is no error message in it. You can check the attached log file, but there is no relevant solution here.
sysinfo-snapshot-v3.6.5-localhost.localdomain-20230511-112227.tgz (560.2 KB)

The latest version found that supports OL 6.9 is 4.7- (very very old combo), as a starter, I would validate that the kernel installed is supported (ref documentations Linux InfiniBand Drivers) and if supported and not default, that the driver is recompiled with --add-kernel-support flag. You can reference to our UM from the link I posted above.

You can also install our driver with “–without-rshim” for the time being.

At last, I would recommend a more recent OS/MLNX_OFED versions.

you have the option as well to open a support case to should you want to further investigate this issue.

thanks for you reply ,i resolve it use your solusion :–without-rshim parameter.thanks very much.