Oracle Solaris 11.4 - how to get around outdated NVIDIA driver 418.56 not supporting current graphic cards

Hi there,

i’m searching for an option how to get a current NVIDIA driver 510.47.03 installed in Oracle Solaris 11.4. Latest patch level SRU41 is still shipped with NVIDIA driver 418.56 which does not support current graphic cards such as NVIDIA T1000. Patches in the download area are meant for Oracle Solaris 10 only based on README and are of no use with the more up-to-date 3rd party products in Oracle Solaris 11.4 such as Xorg 19+ and others. Tried that already with standard routines described in README, because … you know hope dies last.
We wanted use the T1000 as successor of P1000 for desktop installation but screen stays black with latest white text from initial startup. The output of scanpci shows “NVIDIA Corporation Device unknown” which matches with my expectations and the release notes when support for given cards were added.