ORB SLAM codelet with Realsense D435


I’m experimenting with Visual odometry and V-SLAM on Jetson Nano with Realsense cameras.
I was glad to see that the stereo Visual odometry GEM had codelets for usage with the realsense D435 in addition to the ZED camera.

However, the ORB GEM has a codelet only for the ZED camera. Is a realsense D435 codelet expected to be out soon?

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We will have support of RealSense D435 in our next release

Thanks for the response @atorabi

Is there an approximate timeline as to when the next release would be out?

Hi Arjun,
I’m working on a similar project and was wondering if you have made any progress on this that you might be willing to share?

Hey @davis

I haven’t started any work on this yet. Planning to revisit this after other tasks (was hoping we’d have an update on the new Isaac version bu then).

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