Orb visual extractor

In the component API it says that the ‘The complete ORB source code is contained in the Isaac SDK source code.’, however I cannot find it in the SDK. Where is it available?


Unfortunately, the sources for the ORB feature extractor implementation are not publicly available. The documentation will be updated to remove that sentence in a later release of Isaac SDK.

Yes that is indeed unfortunate. Is it also so that the orb feature extractor is only for outputting visuals? Or would it be possible to make some additions to create a full SLAM implementation from it? Thanks for all your swift replies.

The ExtractVisualizeOrb codelet does output coordinates and features as tensors, so you could try to build a visual-based SLAM solution from it I suppose, but it would just be a building block in that. The matching and tracking logic will need be critical to get right to build out visual odometry, and then global localization would require mapping, etc.