Orbit Command term?

Hello there! I am trying to understand what is Command term in RL setting in Orbit? I understand actions but I am struggling to understand meaning of commands. Why do we need them?

@phenomen21 i am not familiar with Orbit, but based on my digging around the doc, this is what came up:

A command term is used to generate commands for goal-conditioned tasks. For example, in the case of a goal-conditioned navigation task, the command term can be used to generate a target position for the robot to navigate to.

It implements a resampling mechanism that allows the command to be resampled at a fixed frequency. The resampling frequency can be specified in the configuration object. Additionally, it is possible to assign a visualization function to the command term that can be used to visualize the command in the simulator.


and as it relates to the command manager:

The command manager is used to generate commands for an agent to execute. It makes it convenient to switch between different command generation strategies within the same environment. For instance, in an environment consisting of a quadrupedal robot, the command to it could be a velocity command or position command. By keeping the command generation logic separate from the environment, it is easy to switch between different command generation strategies.

The command terms are implemented as classes that inherit from the CommandTerm class. Each command generator term should also have a corresponding configuration class that inherits from the CommandTermCfg class.

i am sure the mods/devs would be able to elaborate more in a more precise manner, so i’ll let them chime in!

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Yes, this is exactly what commands symbolize. They define the “goal” of an environment.

Thank you! So I can change immediate goals there if the big Task is divided into smaller tasks and they need to be done consequently?

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