Orbitty Carrier board UART1 issue


I’m attaching a LoRA module (RN2903) to the Orbitty carrier board. The module uart is 3.3v and default baudrate is 57600. When I use minicom to read serial port I get some garbage characters with some correct characters.

I’m pretty sure I set the minicom parameters correctly as I did with another board based on iMX6 processor and everything is okay.
to make sure that the module is okay, I attached a USB to serial converter to the USB port of the carrier board, (ttyUSB0 is now on dev directory) and connect the Lora module to the converter and now using the same minicom setting I can completely read the Lora module outputs.

I think something is wrong with Orbitty serial port ttyTHS2 port.

Could you please help me to solve this issue?


Hi asad.lesani, since this pertains to the Orbitty carrier, I recommend that you contact ConnectTech Support regarding the issue.