Orbity Carrier by CTI, no USB.

Hello, I’ve seen many posts talking about this, but I can’t find any good instructions on how to fix this issue.

So, if I understand correctly, a specific chip isn’t present on the orbity board, therefore the tx2 won’t give power to the usb ports. Apparently I need to flash a modified DBT (device binary tree?)

I found an article that has a link to the modded DBT, but I’m getting real confused by it’s instructions. Are there clearer instructions anywhere? Could anyone just write the instructions as a reply?

Sorry, I don’t know much Linux.

Hi mikeperreman, are you using ConnectTech’s version of L4T that contains the modifications for Orbitty carrier?

See here, under the Board Support Packages tab: http://connecttech.com/support/resource-center/nvidia-jetson-tx2-tx1-product-support/

If you’re still having trouble, please contact ConnectTech support directly through one of the methods listed here: http://connecttech.com/support/